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We're Not Joking, Your Company Needs an Esports Team

If you're still unsure if corporate esports is for you, then we're not going to sugarcoat it - your company needs an esports team. Esports is taking off aroun

d the world, and the chances are that members of your workforce are playing League, Valorant, and Rocket League in their downtime.

And if they could get away with it, probably in work time too!

However, instead of ignoring the pastimes of your beloved talent, why not make something of it and start your own corporate esports team? Not only will it be a great way to bring some fun to work, especially during the downtime, but you'll also reap a whole host of other benefits.

Here are our top five reasons why:

1. A corporate esports team builds relationships within the team

Gaming is all about working together as a team to achieve a common goal, and the same can be said for business.

By starting up a corporate esports team, you'll help your employees build up the connections and relationships important for a cohesive and high-performing workforce and for getting those victory royales in the arena.

The bonds made on the pitch are sure to follow through into the workplace.

2. A corporate esports team brings the departments together

It's very easy for departments to stay within their own bubbles in a workplace or business. Sometimes, the only interactions can come in the form of chasing up a late email or missing project file, and that's just not good for anyone.

Instead, having a corporate Esports team is an exciting way to get the gamers together, regardless of their department, and playing on the same field.

3. A corporate esports team increases morale

Let's face it; work can be stressful at times.

However, having an esports team in the workplace will give your employees a fun outlet to relieve some of that stress. This will lead to increased morale and a more positive corporate culture overall.

Just make sure nobody's being toxic in all-chat. That may be a little problematic in Monday’s morning meeting 😉

4. A corporate esports team improves communication and collaboration

Gaming is all about communication and collaboration, and these are skills that are essential in any workplace. By starting an esports team, you'll help your employees to develop and hone these skills, which will be beneficial in their day-to-day work.

5. A corporate esports team allows you to attract top talent

In the current job market, top talent is in high demand.

However, by having a corporate esports team, you'll be able to attract the best and brightest to your company. This is because more and more people are interested in working for companies that support their hobbies and interests.

So there you have it - five reasons why your company needs an esports team. So what are you waiting for? Get started today in a way like never before.

And how, you ask?

That's where steals the show. is a corporate eSports league platform that organizes competitive eSport events among companies. Create your team, train your players, and go head-to-head in leagues and special events orbiting the top competitive games, including Valorant, League of Legends, Rocket League, and more.

Sign your team up today and get started.

Victory awaits.

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