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A new way to happy hour!

Blow off some steam, network with

like-minded people, and engage in

company-vs-company competition.


Sign up for Exclusive Early Access now!

Get Started

Get Started


1. Request Early Access

Fill out the form and request early access to our tournaments for your organization. Anyone can request access at anytime. 


3. Compete and Win

Once given access, sign up on our tournament platform and start competing with your team for custom swag and cash prizes.


2. Assemble Your Team

Find coworkers and join our Discord community. Get involved and ask questions.

Upcoming Tournament

Day Job Gaming -

Early Access Tournament

11/19/2022 - 11/20/2022

Format: Single Elimination - 16 Teams
Prizing: $100 Amazon Gift Cards & Swag

Who are we?

Company happy hour just got better...

Company Gaming, Networking, & Esports

Day Job Gaming is a community focused on creating a gaming experience that increases team bonding, allows you to network with like minded individuals, and changes the way you think about company happy hour!

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